Making Your Gp-Internet modem work with Snow Leopard

Hi guys, i got my new MacBook last month. But i was really not happy with it because i could not use internet in it. I have a gp-internet modem. It’s from HUAWEI, Model No: HUAWEI EG162G. It worked fine with Ubuntu 9.04 with zero configuration. When i got my mac, I could not even think of making it to work with Mac OSX.
But i had a hope that as it works with ubuntu there must be a way to get it to work with Snow Leopard.
Today I connected my cellphone with blue-tooth to connect to internet, but it was being disconnected after some time without any reason. then i decided to restart and go back to Win Xp installed in my MacBook and use internet with my modem.
I connected the modem and the following window poped up.

And i wanted to explore the files. I read the manual and found something written for MAC OSX and got interested. then a double clicked the installer and unfortunately it exit unexpectedly.

I was a little bit upset and Right clicked on the executable and clicked on ‘Show Package Contents’ and a window opened having a folder named ‘contents’

and opened it and then opened the ‘Resources’ folder and saw a .pkg file and i knew that it’s gonna work now.I doubled clicked on the file and the installation window appeared.

I followed the instruction and installed the driver.

then from the application folder i searched the grameen phone internet app and launched it

and clicked connect and WOW it was connected and i just opened firefox immediately and started browsing. I am getting an average speed of 12KBps and i am very much happy with it.
Thnx Rana vie for the idea of this blog post.
Enjoy ur time with MAC OSX and GP-Internet modem. Thnx GP for making this modem available in BD in such a affordable price. This is the first time i am feeling good using GP.

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  1. Congratulations!

    But please don’t be so thankful to GP. They should have made it simpler for MacOSX users 🙂

  2. joy06

     /  November 21, 2009

    It has an autorun feature bro but it’s not working for Snow-Leopard maybe. But it’s still good to know they cares for mac users too, u know they care too little about subscribers satisfaction. 😀


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